Origin Services Solutions

MGH is an Origin Service Solutions (OSS), and Demand Fulfillment Specialist (DFS) TM to world’s leading Fashion Retailers, Automotive, Pharmaceutical Brands.Inditex, C&A, Carrefour, Metro, Oviesse, Renault’s supply chains are managed by MGH from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and in Sri Lanka origins.Forthcoming prohibitive costs at European, North American Distribution Centre (DC) Operations, MGH firmly believe Origin(s) of Global Sourcing will play a crucial role in driving efficiency in the form of Origin:

  • Long-term storage
  • Pre-sorting of container-loads by store locations
  • Pick, and Pack Center
  • Real-time visibility
  • Singapore/Colombo-Hubs and
  • Just-in-Time replenishment of stocks will become cheaper by Air Freight in comparison to storage at Destination DC in anticipation of sudden increase in demand influenced by local weather

MGH has launched the First-ever exclusive Bonded “Fashion Centre” in Bangladesh, a Quality Control & Consolidation Platform at Dhaka enabling Retailers to perform complete check on their manufactured merchandise before being consolidated into containers or palletized for Airfreight.

The Dhaka Platform hosts three Quality Control rooms totaling 422 Square Meters, and 1,340 square meters of Consolidation area spanning into two separate Client specific warehouses.

The “Fashion Centre” is domiciled at Kamalapur, Dhaka with in the Dhaka Railway Station, and the Inland Container Depot (ICD) where the facility boasts its own Customs, Security, co ntainer stuffing, and railway wagons to transport to, and from Chittagong Port Authority Area.

Merchandise rejected by the Quality Controllers can be shipped back to the factory(s) on the same day, and within the working hours of the Fashion Centre.

The “Fashion Centre” supported by its own power generation capabilities having 24×7 work hours with the exception of two Religious Holidays annually.