In 1992, MGH 's contract logistics subsidiary started its business as a distributor. Formerly, the subsidiary was known as Aquamarine Distribution Limited (ADL) and was appointed as the distributor of Gillette and Kodak Consumer Imaging.

Contract Logistics

In 1992, the business was known as distributorship, and Aquamarine Distribution Limited (ADL) was appointed as the distributor of Gillette, and Kodak Consumer Imaging, and International Brands Limited (IBL) as the distributor of Procter & Gamble. Starting from Importation, Freight Management, Customs Clearance, Warehousing, efficient sales-to-cash cycle and effective billing and management of credit risks. Nationwide retail distribution network reaching over 165,000 retail outlets including 50,000 pharmacies and catering to nearly 3 million consumers.

One Central Distribution Center at Dhaka with 18 regional distribution centers all across the country ensuring STR (Stock Turnover Ratio) driven replenishments at the outlets.


Our extensive portfolio of FMCG products across Bangladesh covers 1.4 lac+ retailers classified in channels ranging from supermarkets to small convenience stores. We are present in 136 distribution points, of which 26 points are owned and operated by MGH.

Through the years, we have built a relationship and for the past 20 years of Contract Logistics we are still recognized as the right-hand of Procter & Gamble in distribution and other top 5+ global brands.



In February 2014, ADL which is now known as MHL was awarded the contract logistics business of Sanofi Aventis in Bangladesh. MHL completed a seamless takeover of Sanofi’s entire operations all over Bangladesh.

Since then, MHL has come a long way and is now renowned for its wide distribution network services across the nation. MHL’s responsibility is to integrate and manage the entire global value chain between suppliers, manufacturers, brand owners and customers of the healthcare industry.

MGH Healthcare is currently taking care of the distribution network of Sun Pharma and Guardian Healthcare Limited since 2019 and 2021 respectively.

Joint business planning with the customers to forecast, and project volume based on STR of major outlets, thus eliminating the need of the brand owner to physically import, clear customs, warehousing, sales, merchandizing and finally reaching the targeted outlets.

Complete Visibility from Retailing to Replenishment: MGH has implemented SAP software all across the Contract Logistics business processes in addition to Freight Management modules currently run on SAP platforms all across India, and Bangladesh. Our entire ERP is powered by SAP HANA, which offers the fastest in-memory computing.

MGH Healthcare Achievements: In 2019, we have been recognized by World Quality Congress & Awards and also have received the Bangladesh Logistics Leadership Award under the category of best in Class Service Provider.

Furthermore, for the quality of our services at our Warehouse and Delivery branch, MGH Healthcare Limited has received a Certificate on Good Distribution Practice on 25th July 2018.*