Port Link is the largest Inland Container Depot in South Asia, situated in Bhatiary, Chittagong. Since November, 2003, Port Link has been a key supply chain platform for Global Retailers sourcing from Bangladesh.

With reductions of idling period to extra-cut-off times, Port Link has delivered more orders on time despite the usual sudden challenges Bangladesh face on annual basis.

With almost over 50 acres of land area, Port Link has 24,000 square meter of Covered Container Freight Station (CFS), and monthly 20,000 Teus of handling, and storing capacity per month as part of phase I materialized in 2005. The phase II comprise of building, installation, and commissioning of Warehouse (CFS) I with:

  • CFS area of 15,615 square meters
  • 30,000 TEUs laden storage capacity
  • Quality Control & Consolidation (QC&C) Platforms

The Phase III will experience the building of the Warehouse (CFS) II with exactly the same measurements as Warehouse I as mentioned above along with commissioning of Rubber Tyre Gantry (RTG) Cranes, and launching of the Freight Train service, “Port Link Express” between Port Link Bhatiary-Chittagong Port – Port Link Bhatiary.

Phase IV completes the final phase development of Port Link with the building installation, and commissioning of Warehouse III dedicated to High Value Import LCL cargoes.

Port Link hosts its own Customs Post led by the Assistant Commissioner of Customs, and his team of Assessment, and Examination officials. Quality control
merchandise can be returned to the factory(s) on the same working day, and within the same working hours in the event of rejections by the Quality
Controllers of the customer(s).

With our multifunctional facilities we are successful in meeting inbound and outbound freight needs and fulfilling logistics management demand in Bangladesh. With over 242 staffs working around the clock we offer nonstop customized service packages service driven by a sense of urgency and a desire to meet all their customers’ every service need. Port Link always strives for excellence in creating freight links to support clients’ freight requirements with its fully fledges logistics and distribution capabilities. Our compliance to CTPAT-ISPS guidelines ensures high standards of security and secrecy features to assuring safe and secure warehousing and data management.

End to end Services:

  • Warehousing
  • Container parking
  • Container repairs and maintenance
  • Dangerous cargo handling
  • Cargo Packaging
  • Labeling
  • Inventory management
  • Security Features:
  • ID badges
  • Employee Screening
  • CCTV- and recording
  • Space allocation for container stacking
  • Custody of container seals
  • Data secrecy in documentation