Tea and Rubber Plantations

MGH owns a strategic stake of Finlay Tea’s parent Consolidated Tea & Plantations Limited (CTPL). With 16 Tea, and Rubber Plantations spread across 44,000 acres of scenic green land, area, CTPL is the second largest tea producer generating 23 percent * of annual tea productions of Bangladesh.

CTPL produced Tea is also bought in tea auctions and packed by major Consumer Tea Brands, and regarded as one of the High Quality Leaf Tea and Tea Extracts.

Real Estate

In early 2000, when Gulshan, the trophy location of Bangladesh was merely a residential aspiration of the inhabitants, MGH with a mentor-partnership started to acquire premium Gulshan Avenue locations as part of the Portfolio Diversification Strategy, and now hold 4 major locations, and a few more pieces of land in the Land Bank Inventory.