MGH represents following airlines as General Sales Agents:

Air Arabia Indigo
Turkish Airline Singapore Airlines Cargo
Air Mauritius Bangladesh Airlines.
Egypt Air  

Our sheer devotion to the long term relationships, and partnerships with Global, Local freight forwarders in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Egypt, UAE and Nigeria has helped build rock solid market equity for all of the above 8 Airlines.

With our driven sales force, resourceful marketing tools, flexible service packages MGH offers Tailored Service Solutions to our Airlines Principals:

40 network offices in 16 countries
Loads a minimum 2.5-3.5 tons a flight
Aircraft turnaround within 25-40 minutes
Provides Minimum Guaranteed (MG) Revenues
Pays for Cargo Terminal Operator (CTO) Charges
Has over 6 years of solid partnerships with major budget airlines
Owned set-ups /subsidiaries in
South East Asia
India Sub-Continent
Middle East
North Africa
Sub Saharan Africa
West Africa